TORS Vodka

TORS Vodka is a renowned company known for its exceptional vodka and captivating liqueurs. Crafted in the foothills of Dartmoor National Park, our spirits offer unique flavours and outstanding quality.

Vodka – Our TORS Vodka is crafted from a British farmed soft winter wheat spirit. Blended using Dartmoor water before being charcoal filtered for up to 3 months, resulting in a smooth and extraordinary tasting Vodka.

Liqueurs – Our range of liqueurs includes:

Blueberry Cocktail Liqueur: Bursting with real blueberry flavour, our vodka-infused liqueur is refreshing and delightful.

Caramel and Coffee Liqueur: Indulge in the rich blend of fair-trade Colombian coffee and velvety caramel for a luxurious experience.

Raspberry Liqueur: Made from steeped raspberries and our award-winning vodka, our liqueur strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and tanginess.

Elderflower Cocktail Liqueur: Enjoy the essence of summer with our delicate and intricate elderflower-infused liqueur.