Feather&Fossil Interior Design

Seamlessly blending the past with the present to weave your story through vibrant colours, intricate patterns, rich textures, and curated accessories – revealing interiors that authentically reflect your essence.

Feather&Fossil Interior Design provides a unique experience that is all about capturing your personality & style, whilst celebrating the character of your property. Feather&Fossil is underpinned by the principles of maximalism which is a celebration of personality, pattern, colour & texture. 

The focus of Feather&Fossil is to ensure that your space is truly reflective of your style, personality & needs. With this in mind Feather&Fossil offers a range of packages from consultancy, to concept boards to full project management, all guaranteed to bring the vitality back to your home or business. 

Every design created at Feather&Fossil is bespoke & developed in collaboration with the client, this ensures designs are truly tailored & address your needs & desires.