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Every order includes the following:

  • A 30-minute consultation following your order to discuss your gifting needs.
  • A thoughtfully curated selection of gifts made by the finest Devon artisans.
  • A handmade gift box lined with a bespoke fabric wrap.
  • Information about the artisans so your recipient can discover who made their gifts.
  • A complimentary artwork keepsake with your personalised message for your recipient.
  • Delivery to your chosen address.

Place your order

Delivery is included.

Artisans make bespoke handcrafted gifts with great skill, focus and passion. Any bespoke gift understandably takes time to produce.  For personalised gifts that are handcrafted to order, please allow up to four weeks from the date of your order to the anticipated delivery date. We appreciate shorter timescales may be required, so please contact with your requirements.

Book a consultation

Using the link in your order confirmation email, book a 30-minute phone consultation with Alison to discuss your gifting requirements.  Alison would love to learn more about your recipient and the occasion you are celebrating.   Following your phone consultation, Alison will email you a thoughtfully curated gift list for you to approve.

Contact Alison at if you have any questions about your phone consultation.

Discover The Artisans

Discover the talented Devon-based artisans who are at the core of Bespoke + Local.